Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best of 2010: 10.1. "From Battler to Ambassador."

In 2008.

I return to battling for the 2008 DMC (Disco Mix Club) USA Finals only to go as far as I could. Being that I felt I had more in the tank, I battled again in 2009.

Entering again turned out to be a great success. I didn't win and got 2nd (Shiftee won the USA Finals and then, went on to win the World Finals that year) but I felt that I accomplished a lot and it helped give me momentum to what would be a busy 2010. Also, others took notice as I finished that year strong with other shows, various gigs and mixes:

Sonic Soul Space

Even DâM-FunK, who's records I used in the 2009 DMC USA Finals gave me love for using his records.

NAMM 2010

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) was the first stop of my travels of 2010 and it was the first step of an unintentional path to being an ambassador of the so called art of "Turntabilism."

To see my trip to NAMM in whole, click below:
NAMM Part 1
NAMM Part 2

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  1. Respect DJ Mista-B keeping the arts alive and well (>^_^)>