Monday, May 9, 2011


Hi folks!  Recently, I had a series of showcase performances in the Bay, Texas, and Seattle.  I haven't been able to put out any videos because I've been busy with Grad-School, my teaching jobs, other workshops, and my brother recently got married.  There were little things in between but you all get the idea.  Now, I've made a highlight video of my recent showcases and I wanted to share with you all.  It's a blend of old and new material, along with a few new toys at my arsenal.  Oh yeah, we still rock the vinyl set when needed.

This summer, there is a bunch in store.  As a member of 4OneFunk, we'll be rocking out every last Sat of the month in the summer.  As a member of Skratchpad, we'll be rocking out every first weds of the month.  There are some "DJ" gigs in between, as well day-time events, and more mixtapes and other various projects.  Thanks again for the support and be well everyone.

Stay tuned for my own Personal Site: Coming Soon...