Monday, April 11, 2011

Skratch Lounge: One Year Anniversary

It's been a year since I went to Seattle and in that time, I've gotten to experience various DJ Scratch Hip Hop Scenes around the planet.  There is something about the scene in Seattle that shows me their true love of their own scene.  Every DJ there went out of their own way to reach the Baltic Room and contribute to the event.  A grand total of about 12 turntables and 8 mixers were Counted. The Groove Techs Bamboo and Spinja and the Seattle Hip Hop DJ Scene provided the equipment out of their own strength.  There were even people bringing their own personal tables to put equipment on.

Me and Snayk Eyez decided to fly up and take part in the Skratch Lounge activities.  It was truly an amazing experience because of all the love that night.  In a way, it felt like a big "B-Boy" style "Scratch Circle."  Here is the video of our trip to Seattle Washington in the great northwest.

Skratch Lounge is every 1st Thursday of the month at The Baltic Room in Seattle Washington and it's free...Just like Skratchpad.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 DMC SATX: Recap Video

Just a recap video for the 2011 San Antonio DMC Regional DJ Battle.  Watch below and see my time there through my point of view.  Enjoy!

Shout out to Donnie Dee, Mia, Christie Z, Manila Ice, Kico, and all else that took part in the battle.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cr(e)ate >Output< (Mixcrate Edition)

Hey folks, as you may of heard, I had an exclusive mix that was supposed to be out on URB online.  Unfortunately, the planet does revolve and time waits for no man.  I've patiently waited for this mix to be release to you all and now I've decided to take it to Mixcrate...The Mecca of DJ mixes at the moment.
It's good to have mixcrate as an outlet for the mix and I hope you all enjoy it as a whole.  Featuring tracks and edits from Myself, F.A.M.E., B.Cause, Smoov Groovs, Onra, Reggie B, Dam Funk, and way more.  It's an audio experience that is layered with detailed care and good sonic intentions.  If you want "Hard Copy" CDs of the mix, you'll have to catch me in person at a gig, event, function, etc.


Listen and Download Mix