Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Art of "Beat Juggling" with Shortkut

Kid Dragon Beat Juggling in a Battle vs Jr. Flo

The art of "Beat Juggling" is one that is one of the the most creative things to do in the realm of Hip Hop DJing.  It can start from learning how to mix, scratch, and rocking doubles.  How far it goes depends on how you move with the music.  It's an "open ended" art and there are no specific rules to it.  All you got to do is make it sound nice!

Beat Juggling Pioneers

In an interview I did with DJ Shortkut for Mixcrate, I asked him his feelings about the art.  Below is a link to listen and download.  This is an educational piece that is meant to inform, engage, and inspire DJ enthusiast.  Enjoy!

"Rock Doubles!"


Click here to listen and download