Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The October Lefty: "Off-Hand" Scratching

I've been cutting a lot recently with my left hand.  I usually teach my students (I teach beginning and advanced DJing) with my left hand because I can do the basic scratches more fundamentally.  The funny thing is, I got better with that hand.  I recently got to scratch with Q-Bert and Quest on separate occasions and it gave me confidence to make these videos.  I'm dedicating this to Madison Bumgardner for being an outstanding left-handed pitcher and helping my San Francisco Giants for winning the World Series!  Enjoy and Go Giants!

October Lefty in SF: Act 1

October Lefty in SF: Act 2

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  1. Nice!

    Being ambidextrous is an important aspect also of kulintang playing. Work those fundamentals and see results!