Friday, October 29, 2010

Serato DMC 2011: "End of an era, start of anew..."

During the last DMC (Disco Mix Club) World Finals, Tony Prince announced that Rane would now be sponsors for DMC.  Serato and other DJ applications will be allowed in the "Showcase" format (six-minute set) for DMC.  I wrote an article before this announcement was made for mixcrate on my thoughts about serato in DMC.

The Digital DMC?

The "Supremacy" format (head-to-head) will remain "pure-vinyl." My concern is that DJs will now push for more and more ways to really change what the whole art of "Turntabilism" is really about.  Midi-controllers, abelton etc.  One day, you won't even need turntables anymore.  Just show up with a flash drive.

Non-Turntable Set

I say, if your going to change the game, let serato run wild and don't limit it's use with restrictions such as "relative mode only."  In doing that, your doing serato and other DJ applications a disservice.  I will say that it's the end of one era and the beginning of another in the world of "turntabilism."  Manually manipulation might be deemed primitive to more producer-minded DJs that may enter the DJ-Battle realm.

"Keep Vinyl Alive"~Cue's Record Shop, Daly City

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