Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Listening Lounge 4

Reignforest Collective Presents: Listening Lounge 4

I got to take part in the Listening Lounge event at 111 Minna back in February.  It was a dope event to be apart of and it's always cool to DJ with folks you don't often get to DJ with.  Listening Lounge is an event that promotes "Dope" music of course but showcasing good DJing and Musicianship in two rooms.  Next time there is a "Listening Lounge" at 111 Minna, you should swing by and see what takes place.  Big up to all the Reignforest Collective; Ronostalgia, Cedication.Crimes, and Xariusound (some real creative names btw).

Recap Video

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