Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teaser Audio Clips: Cr(e)ate Output

I have an exclusive mix for urb online coming out so I just wanted to give you guys a little sample of what to expect.  It's a mix of Earth, Soul, and Funk.  It'll be out soon so please have patience.  It's one of those mixes you work on, listen to it later, then change over half of it.  I had to take a lot of good stuff but put a lot of other musical gems.  It's just one of those things.  It all sounds different a second time around...

Sampler 1:

Cr(e)ate >Output<: Sample by DJ_Mista_B

Sampler 2:

Cr(e)ate >Output< Sampler II by DJ_Mista_B

*I'm already working on a part two for those who gave me tracks.  Thanks to all for the love!

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  1. Glad i got to hear it in development. Can't wait til it's out.